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5 Tips to Help you Win at Keno

Online keno games have become a big thing over the last couple of years. Instead of going to the local retailer and buying a keno card, you can tune in via the internet and participate in this lottery-style game. Playing keno online is a fun activity that does not require a Ph.D. to understand the significant rules behind the casino game. After all, you merely do more than pick your lucky numbers and hope for the best to see your numbers drawn accordingly and win money. Nevertheless, a keno game is not all about the influence of Lady Luck. Winning keno is something connected to optimal keno strategies. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the best keno strategy while maintaining sincerity about crooked promises which you can find surrounding this online game. Here we go.

The Simple Keno Rules: How it Works

Most online casinos provide players with the chance to distract themselves from the usual online slots or table games by offering the game keno. Commonly, this gambling game can be found among the category of “other games” on the websites of online casinos. Of course, we strongly recommend that you trust in nothing less than the most reliable casino out there when joining keno players. The procedure of playing keno in an online casino is everything but complicated and takes these few steps:

  • First of all, you will have to buy a keno card.
  • With this online resource, you choose your personal lucky numbers. Nowadays, many keno games boast 80 numbers within the pool, where you get to pick numbers based on the keno variant. Everything is available from a 1-spot keno game up to 20-spot keno where you try to hit as many keno numbers as possible.
  • At this point, a keno player needs to decide how much they want to bet on each number. The potential payout is scaling with your bet size as much as it is impacted by the amount of winning numbers, the overall drawn numbers, and the keno variation.
  • Online casinos typically also allow you to play keno with the same keno numbers for multiple draws if you wish.
  • The last step is the actual draw. The video keno machines automatically draw the numbers, and if you hit matching numbers, you win at keno. It is essential to say that not all numbers need to match to triumph.


Playing Keno Tips

Keno Strategies to Reduce House Edge

Like all other casino games, keno remains a  game of luck. Imagine it as something like sports betting where you can have the right feeling about a football club, and still, you end up losing your bet. The same goes for keno numbers where you might have the gut feeling that you are about to win big since your lucky numbers always brought you fortunes.

Okay, granted, the comparison is not ideal because football teams can have that one scorer working in their favour. Yet, this is merely more precise than a statistically often-drawn number in case the goal-getter got up with the wrong foot.

Even more so, not just most keno games but all keno games work via the Random Number Generator routine. The consecutive numbers drawn from the pool are random and cannot be foreshadowed. This is why the “best” keno strategy is not the one that guarantees you to win at keno. Guarantees are shallow; they are impossible. And despite all that, you can play keno online and make the most out of your chances for potential winnings. Let us show you how to (and how not to) turn the tides concerning keno odds.

Don’t trust in Hot Numbers vs. Cold Numbers

Whenever a keno strategy tells you to await the influx of so-called hot numbers (keno numbers that seem to be drawn more regularly) and cold numbers (numbers that barely ever show up), you should make a big detour around it. This strategy tries to convince you that there is some pattern where you can almost predict the following number to come. Does it sound like something not even the  Myth Busters would consider as worth busting? True, because it is as far off the truth as it can be.

Gambling games do not offer a logic where causally A leads to B. It is more imaginable as a dust cloud where billions of particles sway around until they are collected randomly. As much as we hate to break it to you: winning keno is not happening due to skills regarding the “reading” of numbers.


Best Keno Strategy

Top Keno Winning Numbers: Same Numbers

Although it sounds like the best keno strategy to play the same numbers repeatedly, there is no hard proof that this works. Moreover, the rule of thumb is that whatever numbers you choose, you will always have the same odds at your disposal. We are not saying that you cannot buy the winning card with your trusted numbers. At the same time, no one should see this  victory due to the repeated numbers finally hitting the bulls-eye.

Congruently, you should not expect to win if you head for the consecutive number fairytale. This one tells you to choose numbers such as 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. and thereby access the proper cluster of numbers. Again, this is based on the wrong thought that winning keno numbers are somehow deterministically rooted in a pattern.

Instead of a Keno Pattern Finder, look for the Odds

Keno games are not among the casino games with the lowest house edge, such as  blackjack can be, for example. The different keno variations have diverging odds as well as house edges. In general, a keno house edge can go up as high as 50%, which is just numbing. You should be well aware that the chance to win a 20-spot keno game full-on with all 20 numbers is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320 or, in other words, one in three and a half quintillions. Not quite the best odds, right?

Let’s take a brief look at the popular Daily Keno game by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Here, 20 numbers from a pool of 70 numbers, all in all, are drawn. Keno players choose between 2-spot and up to 10-spot with numbers ranging from 1 to 70. Accordingly, bets are available between $1 and $10. If you play Daily Keno online, you can win up to $250,000. But what are the odds?


Keno Tips Cheats

Based on $10 bets, the odds of matching 0 of 20 are 1 in 39. On the other hand, the maximum effort of matching 10 to 20 comes with keno odds of 1 to 2,147,181. Getting keno number combinations worth 8 of 20 and thereby winning $2,000 is within a pretty reasonable range with Daily Keno in its 10-pick version. This mid-range pick advantage correlates with the advice to choose between four and eight numbers whenever you play keno.

Increase the Thrill with Progressive Games

Keno games regularly offer a progressive jackpot to invest players even more. Those have better payouts in light of the jackpot, constantly reaching new heights. The amount of money is based upon a specific contribution of the player’s wagers.  Jackpot keno can reward you with the primary win randomly, or you hit the jackpot with necessary winning numbers. Either way, the tension is razor-sharp but keep in mind that the house edge is even less favourable with this kind of online keno.


Win at Keno

Discover the Best Keno Number Combinations for Free

You do not have in a land-based casino, but very much in an online casino is the freedom to try out casino games. This goes for online keno in the same manner. It is a blessing that you can lean back and enjoy a round or two of keno without strings attached. It takes away the stress that can kick in when real money is at risk.

Despite not winning prizes, you can fully flourish amidst online gambling and feel free to test different bet sizes, picks and/or the combination of both. It is undoubtedly never useless to play keno online via demo versions.

How to Win Keno every Time on Machine

The instant answer is: not at all. You cannot win every time. It should have become clear that no gaming systems can “outsmart” the Random Number Generator. Correspondingly, we would like to sum up the dos and don’ts of any keno strategy:

  • Don’t believe in anything related to “hot numbers” and “cold numbers”. Online keno is guided by complete randomization and not by pattern.
  • Don’t think you can win at keno as long as you keep choosing the same numbers. In connection to point Nr. 1, there is no causality between your lucky numbers and the successive draws.
  • Get accustomed to the circumstance that keno variants offer different odds, house edges and payouts. Before playing keno, you should inform yourself what the odds of winning prizes are. Since the keno house edge can be dramatically against a player, knowing what you are in for makes perfect sense.
  • Use a  welcome bonus such as a deposit bonus in an online casino. It’s nice to play with bonus money first off and refrain from overdoing it right away.
  • Play keno for free at  GuruCasinoBonus and experience a keno card without the need to invest actual cash.


Secret Keno Numbers

The Bottom Line: Keno Strategy is Common Sense

Maybe you thought before reading that you will learn how to win at keno every time you play. Don’t we all wish to drive to Las Vegas and win on every table and  every slot machine? The reality is just different. Casino games such as keno are strictly a matter of luck. The significant impact you can have is to keep your game calm and balanced. You cannot bypass randomized gambling results, but you can inform yourself about the predetermined odds of winning. Some keno games are relentless in their house advantage, while others can at least reduce the spectrum of favouring the casino.

That is the keno strategy which we can offer you. One rooted in realism and not in dreamlike fantasies. Those fairytales can even get you into a gambling problem if you follow their every step through without seeing its impact at the end of the tunnel. Take the best practice route, set a responsible budget, and ultimately hope that luck will be on your side.

Keno Tips FAQ

Is there a trick to winning keno?

No. Tricks that recommend you to “read” imaginary patterns of numbers and the likes are nothing more than a hoax. Keno is a game of luck, and therefore the crucial aspect of gameplay is luck.

What numbers hit most in keno?

None of which can be pinned down to a winning formula. Numbers can occur more regularly or not, but that is a matter of randomization. Even if 5 drops a hundred times in 500 draws, this does not lead to the next 500 draws showing the number 5 a hundred times.

What is the best spot to play in keno?

It’s more of a rule of thumb that the mid-range spots such as pick 4, 5, and 6 are worthwhile. This is because the odds are more benevolent. Otherwise, you will have to live with smaller prizes nonetheless. High-range spots are lucrative but also hard to get.

Can you cheat a keno machine?

Absolutely not. A casino takes all necessary precautions so that no player will ever cheat while playing keno online. The Random Number Generator is one prerequisite for this.

Are your odds better when you play the same numbers?

No, they are the same. You can play the same set of numbers multiple times across many, many draws, and still, this is no guarantee. The chance of hitting the prizes remains equal to adapted numbers.

Is quick pick better than choosing your own numbers?

Again no. It is merely more than a given circumstance that players like to take the shortcut and let the machine choose the numbers for them. Due to this, it seems like there are more winners on a quick pick. The chances are identical in both cases, though.

Should I play keno in land-based casinos?

That is up to you in its entirety. Online keno is convenient since you can play without going anywhere. Instead, you can sit back and try your luck on desktop or mobile devices. For sure, there is no winning advantage whatsoever in playing it one or the other way.

How do you win at keno every time?

The chances to win  keno games on every occasion are less promising than carrying Mount Everest on your shoulders. All you can do to improve your chances is to play at trustworthy casinos, study the odds and payouts, limit the budget overspend, and keep your fingers crossed for this day to be your lucky day.

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