About us

Welcome to Guru Casino Bonus. A platform created with the purpose of becoming an encyclopedia of the online casino gaming world. Or better yet, Casinopedia.

Mission Statement

Guru Casino Bonus integrates with every casino game provider in the world to deliver you a free gaming experience from the convenience of your smartphone. Without even enrolling in an online casino, Guru Casino Bonus offers you the chance to play every game you can find in an online casino, for free. 

Guru Casino Bonus also tracks the most attractive casino bonuses and displays them on the website. So, if you’re confident in your skills and knowledge of a certain game and want to test your chances in a real casino, you can rest assured that look up the best offers on our page. 

Finally, Guru Casino Bonus collects independent and trustworthy reviews for online casinos. 

Basically, Guru Casino Bonus is a pit-stop before you enter a casino track. On our station, you get the full package and knowledge of the online casino world, and then you head off to the race. 

The idea is to:

  • test your chances
  • get a real feel of the game
  • create a strategy to play the games in an online casino
  • review the games so others can get better knowledge
  • Win prizes for testing games

The free-to-play experience of Guru Casino Bonus is here to connect and challenge players, game developers, and online casinos to create better offers, deals, and games.

The Team

Vita Media Group, an iGaming company from Denmark, created and published Guru Casino Bonus. 

Vita Media Group is a company founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of disrupting the status quo and redefining the standards in the iGaming industry. 

In 2019, Vita Media Group expanded its operations with a second office in North Macedonia. 

The company in 5 years grew to a point to be recognized and respected throughout the iGaming industry. Vita Media Group has been:

  • Declared as a Top 20 Global Power Affiliate according to EGR Global
  • Shortlisted as Affiliate of the year at the EGR Nordics Awards 2021
  • Shortlisted as Affiliate of the year at the EGR Operator Awards 2021
  • Shortlisted in the Rising Star category for its affiliate program OMG Affiliates at the EGR Operator Awards 2021
  • Shortlisted in the Rising Star category for its affiliate program OMG Affiliates at the iGB Affiliate 2021
  • Shortlisted in the Rising Star category for its affiliate program OMG Affiliates at the EGR Nordics Awards 2022
  • Shortlisted as Affiliate of the year at the EGR Nordics Awards 2022
  • Declared a Top 3 finalist in Casino Product at the iGaming Idol Awards 2021

Our values

We rely on principles of loyalty and trust. 

These core values are the foundation of every project we start and every relationship we initiate. It doesn’t matter whether we are discussing internal issues in the company Or we build projects like Guru Casino Bonus for our end users. 

Loyalty and trust are deeply integrated into our lifestyle and company health. 

These principles have played a big role in our business since day 1. Our ambition is to offer added value to every user who will choose to play and use our platforms. 

A couple of years ago we found a common problem in the world of online casinos – everybody wants players, but nobody works on player loyalty. 

You know how you feel when your favorite athlete on the team is respected and loved both by the organization and the fans behind the club? Think of the status of Alessandro Del Pierro, Francesco Totti, or Sir Alex Fergusson. 

In the sports world, these people are the personification of loyalty and respect.

That is our drive in the online casino world, and for this reason, we addressed loyalty as an issue and we created Ekstrapoint.com – the first and only loyalty and reward platform in the world which awards you with free points every time you play on the platform, and later on, you can use those points to buy real casino bonuses. 

We invested the same amount of energy and love into Guru Casino Bonus. And we hope you will love it too. Your feedback is deeply appreciated. Feel free to advise us or pitch ideas of how you envision this platform to evolve and become better.

Responsible Gambling

Guru Casino Bonus is a platform for the online casino industry. 

This website is not and should never be referred to as a consultancy to perceive casinos and gambling as revenue streams!

Gambling games are games based on luck and should only serve for fun!

Please remember, gambling games are here to offer fun, and not ruin people’s lives. 

We strongly advise you to be responsible whenever you are engaging with gambling games, therefore please set a budget and never go above that limit when playing!

Please consult responsible gambling organizations the first moment you feel that you’ve exceeded reasonable spending limits.