Blackjack Strategy – How To Increase Winning Chances

Does a Blackjack Betting Strategy Help In Increasing Winning Chances?

Using a correct blackjack strategy when playing can be challenging as every player is specific and has different needs when sitting to play casino games. There are numerous strategies that you can apply when you play blackjack, but not all of them provide the same results.

Some blackjack strategies have stood the test of time and proved to work when using them in most blackjack games online. Those are the ones you need to pay attention to when you play online.

In this article, we will look into the strategies, pointing to which is the correct basic strategy for blackjack beginners, point you to some tips to follow whenever you play online blackjack and point you to some optimal actions that you should take based on the cards you hold in your hand.

This blackjack strategy guide should inspire you and keep you focused when playing. Of course, certain things can change over the course of the game, but the core principles remain the same and can help you a lot. You do not have to memorize everything from this article. You can always download a helpful blackjack strategy chart to follow when playing.

Dealer Shows Blackjack

Things To Know Regarding Blackjack Games

A thing to keep in mind is that most blackjack strategy charts work perfectly in a single-deck game, but they might not be that good for multi-deck games. That is why it is important to test several strategies, both online and in a brick-and-mortar casino, and then choose the best one for your casino game.

The only way to beat the dealer’s hand consistently is by understanding the house edge, blackjack dynamics, expected outcomes of each hand, and by studying blackjack charts.

This article cannot tell you how to win all the time in blackjack because that is impossible. There is no promise that playing blackjack will make you rich, or that you can beat the single-deck or multi-deck game every time you play in online casinos.

Remember that the blackjack game is still a game of chance where the casino has the edge always. In the long run, the house wins, but players still have good opportunities to make money and enjoy the game.

Why Play Blackjack Using A Basic Blackjack Strategy?

We all have searched online to find effective strategies to help us win at blackjack. A quick search and you will find lots of card-counting systems, single-deck blackjack strategy, and many types of strategy charts for different blackjack variants.

By following the correct strategy, increasing your winning chances is possible, which is one of the ways how blackjack is different from other casino games. It combines both luck and skill, so players do have an influence on the outcome.

So, the answer to why play blackjack using a blackjack strategy is because that way you can play optimally giving yourself the best winning chances in the game. You will know what is blackjack hit or stand, when to hit in blackjack, when to split in blackjack, and other valuable things.

Many professional blackjack players constantly work on solving the game by finding out something new to beat the odds. They are analyzing lots of things, including how many decks are in the shoe, which decision to take in a given moment, what side bet options does the game offer and other things.

The blackjack strategy tells players what to do and don’t do when they play blackjack. The goal of all strategies is not to help you win every time you play. It is to help you improve your overall chances to win and minimize your losses.

What Is A Basic Strategy in Blackjack?

The first important part of every blackjack basic strategy is good bankroll management. Without good bankroll management, you cannot hope to achieve consistent wins in blackjack and any other game. Regardless of which blackjack basic strategy you use, always have an appropriate bankroll and a plan of how much to bet, how to bet, when to bet, and how to choose the best blackjack variant for your needs.

Once you cover the basic rules, you can then proceed towards learning a suitable betting strategy. When you start playing blackjack, the dealer deals cards and then you have a few options to take. You can choose to Hit, Stand, Double, Split, or Surrender. You need to apply basic logic when playing.

For example, if you are dealt two face cards, common sense says that you should Stand, or sometimes Split, depending on the situation. You certainly should not Hit at 20. Also, if the combination of your first two cards is 6, basic logic says not to Stand, but hit and improve your hand.

Things are rather simple in the mentioned situations but might get more complicated when there are some specific cards on the table. Also, different variants have different rules. For example, Las Vegas rules of blackjack include re-split options, taking an insurance bet or even money, and doubling down on players’ first two cards.

Tricky Blackjack Situations That Require a Strategy

Sometimes you may find yourself in a tricky betting spot. For example, do you hit or stand on a 16? How do you play soft 17? What decision to make when you have a 15? Is the blackjack variant you play a game where the dealer stands on soft 17? Playing soft 17 Blackjack is advisable to increase odds in your favour.

You have to approach all those situations carefully and follow a strategy card so you will not lose money. Keep in mind that the basic concept of blackjack strategy does not involve card counting or similar clever tactics players use to beat blackjack.

How About Counting Cards as a Blackjack Strategy?

Many wonder whether is card counting legal. Yes, it is legal, but you will win more money by following a strategy chart than by following any card counting system. That is because the card counting strategy is better for land-based casinos and not for online casinos, because most casinos online use a larger number of decks and shuffle cards before each hand. That makes counting cards impossible, so you are bound to lose money if you do it online.

Conservative Approach in Blackjack

Conservative blackjack strategy means playing carefully on a tighter bankroll. Never play high-stakes blackjack unless you have a suitable bankroll for that. If you are on a limited bankroll and start playing for higher stakes, you are likely to burn your money right away. No matter how tempting it looks to raise the stakes and try to win more money – don’t do it! Especially if you are a relatively new player at table games like blackjack.

The truth is, if you are risking too much money on Blackjack then you are not going to have a pleasant gambling experience. You want to make money, of course, but you also want to have fun in online casinos. If you end up broke and angry, then no strategy is helpful.

The best way to enjoy card games like blackjack is to take a conservative approach. Start small and only moderately increase the stakes when you feel comfortable about it. That means to raise the stakes when you have built some bankroll so you can use those profits for betting in the game.

How to Play Blackjack Conservatively?

Many blackjack players believe that losses and wins come in streaks. Never fall into such a trap because it is not true. Cards have no memory of the past and the outcome of the previous hand does not affect the following hand. Streaks and patterns will just take your eyes away from important things and you risk losing your money thinking about unimportant stuff.

Instead, follow the following blackjack strategy to improve your odds of winning the hand:

  • Always start from the lowest table bet
  • Increase your initial bet only after you win
  • Go back to your original bet after losing a blackjack hand

Also, make sure you know when to double in certain situations. For example, always double down if you are holding a 9 and the dealer has 3 to 6, otherwise hit. This can help you boost your wins even by taking a conservative approach overall.

When you apply this blackjack strategy, you must return back to your original bet as soon as you lose a hand. That way you have the best control of your money and the likelihood of ending up the session in profits is higher.

With the above strategy in place, all you have to do is make correct decisions and raise stakes very little when you win. This is the best approach beginners can take in the game of blackjack.

Aggressive Approach in Blackjack

Opposite of the conservative approach, the aggressive approach is ideal for those that wish to take more risks and have a larger bankroll to start with. The aggressive approach is perfect for people playing to win a lot of money, but they can also afford to lose a lot of money. Blackjack players who are not afraid of the money swings are common users of aggressive strategies.

The Martingale System

One of the aggressive strategies that many players use is the Martingale system. The Martingale system can be very profitable, but only if you are prepared to invest a lot in your playing. This system is an expensive approach in any type of gambling game, especially blackjack.

With the Martingale system, you are increasing your bets to double after each loss. For example, if you bet $50 on a hand and lose, next hand you bet $100 and keep doubling until you win. A win will cover your losses and bring you profits, but sometimes you may have to wait a while before winning. That is why this strategy is more suitable for blackjack players that have more money to play. It is a perfect blackjack strategy for them as it can lead to huge wins.

1-3-2-6 System

The 1-3-2-6 blackjack betting strategy is less risky than the Martingale strategy. You do not have to have a large bankroll for this system, so it’s better for players searching for better chances to win without investing a lot.

The numbers 1-3-2-6 in this system indicate how you should bet after winning a hand in blackjack. That is the sequence you follow after your first winning, while a losing hand takes you back at the beginning.

This betting blackjack system is created to help players get the biggest value of their winning streaks. If you get lucky and go through the entire sequence of four winning hands, you are likely to significantly boost your bankroll.

Blackjack 1-3-2-6 Betting System

A Few Essential Tips for Winning at Blackjack

All players want to win every time they play blackjack, but we all know that is not possible. Luck is a huge element of the game still, so even following a perfect blackjack strategy does not guarantee you will win. However, if you follow these essential blackjack tips, you will boost your chances to win when you play.

  • Always check the house edge before playing. Different blackjack variants come with a different edge, depending on which side bets and other options they have. A wise idea is to check the rules first, so you will have a clear picture of what to expect from that particular game.
  • Avoid taking an insurance bet. This ‘even money bet’ is an option that will only confuse players and make them lose money long-term. Every quality blackjack strategy will tell you that you should never take an insurance bet if you want to increase the odds in your favour.
  • Always have a set budget and stick to it. All the best blackjack strategies require players to follow a bankroll. Set a stop-loss limit and never exceed the playing time you set for blackjack. Stop playing every time you hit your target of the day. If you lose and feel uncomfortable, take a break or end the session for the day.
  • Use blackjack strategy charts. Each variation has a chart for optimal play, so find them online, download some and keep them close when you play. These will point you to the right decisions and help you play. Charts can come very hand especially when you feel tired or don’t know how to act in a given situation.
  • Play blackjack variants with 3:2 payouts and avoid tables with 6:5 payouts. These are the most profitable tables when playing online. Blackjack tables with 6:5 payouts have a much higher house edge which will deplete your bankroll quickly. Also, make sure you play games where the dealer stands on soft 17 because that also increases your chances of winning.

Winning Chips

Use Casino Bonuses To Test and Find the Best Blackjack Strategy

Now when you know which blackjack strategies you can apply on the tables, the next thing is to start playing blackjack online. You have to test strategies by yourself and see which ones work the best for you. Every online casino offers a welcome deposit bonus or has some lucrative casino promotions of which you can take advantage. Even making a minimum deposit at reputable online casino sites can increase your bonus balance which you can put to use at the blackjack tables.

A few last things you should remember are the following:

  • Always make your decisions on the basic blackjack strategy
  • Choose a strategy that is suitable for your specific bankroll
  • Follow the best blackjack strategies mentioned above to maximize your winning chances

Explore our site and you will find numerous casino bonuses you can use when playing single deck games and multi-deck games. All recommended casinos offer plenty of blackjack games, so every type of player can find something good for their needs.

Remember to have fun when playing in some of the many casinos online and good luck winning at the blackjack table.


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