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Revealing 5 Easy Ways to Immediately Boost Opportunities for Winning Scratch Tickets in Ontario

Scratch tickets in Ontario are a fun and exciting way to test your luck and possibly win vast amounts of cash without spending much money. Like the lottery, you have to own a stroke of incredible luck to win green with your scratch ticket.

Scratch tickets

Where to Buy Scratch Tickets Ontario?

You can purchase scratch tickets in retail stores or online. The OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) website is the place where you can buy them online and participate in some official games of Ontario.

The cost of scratch tickets varies, going from C$1 up to C$30 per scratch ticket. Many of the popular scratch tickets in Ontario come with multi-million jackpots:

  • Triple Millions is an expensive scratch ticket, costing C$30. This scratch card has ten C$3M prizes, and the total prize fund is over fantastic C$250 million. Each Triple Millions scratch card comes with four games, three revealing the three-match symbol format. The fourth and final game involves matching your numbers with 30 hidden numbers. If you uncover a “Stack of Cash” symbol, you instantly win C$100.
  • Lucky Lines Express scratch ticket is very popular as it costs only C$1. The top prize is C$10,000, and there are twelve dollar logos that you need to scratch, each revealing a symbol. You win the prize if you reveal a complete row of symbols.

Regardless of which scratch card you choose to play, always visit the official information from the specific Ontario gaming website. You can check and play many attractive lotto and instant games and read how the games work there.

If you want to improve your chance of winning in lottery games such as scratch cards, check our advice and tips to boost your winning percentage.

Scratch n win tickets

Scratch and Win – Advice for Boosting Odds of Winning Instant Games

Some of the following tips are basic yet essential to remember when playing these instant games.

  1. Do not buy the cheapest scratch cards

Hundreds of different scratch cards are on the market, so choosing which one to play can be tricky. This especially applies if you are not familiar with scratch card games. There are different prizes, awards, and designs, so it can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for.

Keep your focus when browsing current tickets, and avoid buying the cheapest ones. Many individuals buy a lot of these, but there is a reason why they are so cheap – the prize pool is low. You would be better off buying scratch cards with higher prices but fewer of them. Quality over quantity is the way to go when searching for good scratch cards to buy.

  1. Buy tickets in bulk

Many players claim that your chance of having a winning ticket increases if you buy tickets in bulk. This applies to all lotto games and other instant games, so it’s worth trying – the odds of hitting a prize increase if you have more tickets. At least from what we know, game manufacturers often place a prize frequently throughout their cards. However, you should practice responsible gambling and not spend too much on it, as it all comes down to luck.

Also, always check out the fine print on the scratch cards and read the terms and conditions. Always check the prize pool and rules to see the current jackpot prize and how much you can win. All scratch cards have specific odds of winning, so check them out before buying and having active tickets.

  1. Keep and submit for checking losing tickets

This makes sense because many people fail to check their scratch tickets properly or are unaware they have won. Submitting and checking them officially is the only way to know whether you have won a prize.

Sometimes people forget to check their tickets or glance at them briefly without examining them much. You would be surprised to know how many people miss a prize claiming after failing to notice they have winning tickets.

You could be eligible for a prize if you have missed a winning combination or an error on the scratch card. Hence, always double-check by submitting tickets.

  1. Study all details of scratch cards

Millions of people play scratch cards on a daily basis, and to scratch and win, you need to pay attention to a few things. Although many people play them, only a few win lots of money and walk away as millionaires.

Are scratch cards really “lucky”? Is there a way to improve your winning odds or even cheat to win? After all, many people search for easy ways to win at casino games, and scratch cards are no exception. Well, there is one process, i.e., the “Singleton Method,” which experienced scratch card players use to improve their odds.

They analyze the specific design of scratch cards, their layout and other small details such as patterns that give clues as to whether the scratch card has certain symbols or combinations that can lead to winning a prize.

The Singleton Method is a finding of the geological statistician, a Toronto native, Mohan Srivastava. In 2003, he found a flaw in the manufacture of scratch cards. He was interested in how they are made, and what was just a minor interest sparked into finding an effective code to crack the scratch cards.

Scratch cards are mass-produced lottery slot games, so Srivastava found that they can’t be entirely random since the manufacturers control the exact number of winning tickets in play.

After researching and buying many tickets, he discovered a flaw in the tickets’ design. Once he was sure about it, he constructed a method to improve winning chances.

He discovered that if a number on the side of the ticket appeared once, the number would almost certainly appear under the scratch card coating that needed to be rubbed off. He was looking for the so-called “singletons.”

Although this does not guarantee a winning prize, it dramatically improves the winning odds.

How to use the Singleton Method?

As of now, this flaw is not yet fixed by scratch card manufacturers. It is also possible that this flaw cannot be fixed entirely, no matter how hard companies try. If you want to use the Singleton Method, you should be aware that it can only work on a large number of cards, where you scratch off numbers and match them with already shown numbers. This is because the visible numbers are the keys to the Singleton Method.

Another thing to know is that you have to be able to see the front of scratch card tickets before buying them, which is not always possible. Besides, there is no guarantee of how much money you will win, and it could be a meagre money prize, not worth the effort.

  • Be strict with your scratch cards budget, pick specific casino games, and leave it to the Lady Luck

Practicing responsible gambling will not make you win more or less, but it will contribute to a better gambling experience. It will also protect you from losing too much money and getting anxious or worried. Set yourself a strict budget and always stick to it.

When picking casino games to play, scratch cards, to be more precise, find one that you like and keep playing it until you win or until you see it is not that enjoyable, then switch.

Finally, remember that ultimately it all comes down to luck. There is no simple way or trick to win as if there were – scratch cards, and casino game providers would stop making them.

Above we gave you some ways to improve your chances, but more importantly, it is not to take scratch cards that seriously and just have fun.

Scratch Card Ticket

Wrapping It Up – Play Scratch Tickets in Ontario, Scratch and Win!

Lotto games, scratch cards, instant games, and all kinds of casino games are available to Ontario residents. There are many legit online casinos where you can test your luck, so give it a try and see how it goes.

Many Ontario players have won life-changing money, and you could be the next. One of the best things about casino games like scratch cards is that all people spend on them goes to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which then spends on environmental protection, education, and various charity and community organizations.

Overall, the reality is that a significant majority of people playing scratch cards will lose when playing in the long run. Remember that the odds are stacked against you, no matter what you do. You are free to try the Singleton Method as the most effective, and it is up to you to see whether it is worth it. Even the inventor of the Singleton Method said that the method could not help anyone make a living from scratch cards just slightly improve the odds of winning.

So, if scratch card tickets are your hobby – enjoy and have fun. We wish you scratch and win big!

Scratch Tickets FAQs

How do scratch cards work?

Scratch cards are the simplest instant games to play in online casinos and offline. Scratch to reveal the hidden symbols or numbers and match combinations to win.

Which scratch card ticket wins the most?

There is no statistic about which ticket wins the most, but all scratch card tickets have their prize pools. Explore various cards at various prices, study their pay tables, and scratch and win!

How do you play OLG scratch tickets?

Playing is easy. You can either play on the official OLG website and purchase your tickets there or visit a local lottery retailer to buy your scratch cards.

How long are scratch tickets good for Ontario?

Players usually have one year from the draw date to claim lottery wins, but for instant games such as scratch cards, players can claim prizes until the expiry date for the specific scratch card. Always check the card’s terms & conditions to be sure.

How do you play scratch to win?

Choose a price point, understand the odds of the specific game, and study the small print on the scratch card. Have fun, scratch and win!


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