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Lotto Max Winner Dies in Ethiopia: Tragic Lottery Winner Stories

Sometimes life can be more than just harsh. The history of a winning ticket has shown that luck and tragedy can be a thin line to balance. Collecting winnings going into the millions the one day and dying under mysterious circumstances or supported by foul play the other day. While this may sound merely more than attention-seeking, we do not want to connect gambling to actual death. Life, as it is, has many paths to show, and among them is the loss of human life to death. What it does trigger though when happening shortly after someone wins the jackpot, is curiosity. That is why we want to shed light on some sad lottery-winner stories in the following sections.


Canadian Lottery Lotto Max Winner Dies: Michael Gebru – Winning $10,7 Million

Lotto Max Winner Dies

Michael Gebru‘s life completely changed in the year 2017, when he drew the winning ticket worth $10,7 million. Initially, he had even thought that he won $14 million. This coincided with him losing his job shortly before. A fairytale story, therefore? It used to be for at least 2 years. Gebru, a native Ethiopian, was traveling back and forth between Canada and Ethiopia a lot after his lottery win.

High morals of wanting to change the world for a better world were his motivation. During one of these visits to his birth town though, Gebru was found dead on a Saturday in 2019. The circumstances surrounding his death have been undiscovered ever since. Gebru’s family also appealed to the Canadian Embassy in Ethiopia since the local home country police had not found out much. Although there were no further revelations, Gebru’s cousin and family were still persistent in trying to uncover the truth.


Michigan Lottery Winner Dies: Greg Jarvis – $45,000 Winning Lottery Ticket

Lottery Jackpot - Michigan Man Died, winner dies with ticket in wallet

Greg Jarvis won $45,000 while playing “The Jack”, an add-on Michigan lottery game to Club Keno at Blue Water Inn. Jarvis was not cashing in his lottery ticket though because he had no valid Social Security card. Before receiving the money, he was accordingly requesting a new one. It is obligatory to show this card in order to get the money. The Michigan man who did not immediately collect his winnings, never got to the point, unfortunately.

On the 24th of September 2021, Greg Jarvis was found dead near his boat at a Huron County private beach called Saginaw Bay beach. Local police had no foul play suspected from the very start. Instead, he hit his head while falling and drowned. The utter devastating in this regard is that as Greg Jarvis drowned, he still had his uncashed lottery ticket in his wallet. An autopsy furthermore confirmed that Jarvis died on-site due to hitting his head. After Greg Jarvis drowned, the lottery ticket from his wallet was given to Jarvis’ family.


Lottery Winner killed by Family Member: Tiffani Hill – $2 Million Instant Prize

Lottery Winner Killed By Family

Tiffani Hill won over $2 million from an Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers which she purchased in Valley Springs, California. Nine months later herself, her husband John, and their daughter Leanne, aged 1, were dead. What had happened? According to Hill’s family lawyer, it was the lottery tickets’ influence that caused tensions between Tiffani and her husband. Also, there were allegations of domestic abuse made by relatives of the victim.  The couple had been married after she hit the jackpot and relocated to Oklahoma.

Police said that the husband shot Tiffani Hill and her young daughter into the heads before committing suicide. They were found on the 30th of July 2021. While Leanne did not die right away, she succumbed to her injuries a few days later. The remaining money of Hill (and her husband) was put into a trust fund for the other three children which were unharmed by the murder.

Another winner story about a man named John. John had always been a hardworking man. He had been working tirelessly for years, striving to make ends meet. Despite his hard work, he never seemed to catch a break. Bills kept piling up, and he could barely keep up with the rent for his small apartment. One day, while walking back from work, John noticed a billboard advertising a lottery.

The prize money was a whopping $10 million, and he decided to try his luck. He had never been one to gamble, but he figured it couldn’t hurt to try. He went to the nearest lottery store and purchased a ticket. The chances of winning were slim, but he had a feeling in his gut that he was going to win. He had to wait a week for the draw, and the anticipation was killing him. On the day of the draw, John tuned into the news station to watch. His heart was racing as they read out the numbers, and he couldn’t believe it when his numbers matched. He had won the lottery! John was in shock, and it took a while for the news to sink in. He was now a millionaire, and he could finally live a comfortable life.

He quit his job and traveled around the world, living life to the fullest. He donated to charity and helped out his family and friends. Winning the lottery had changed his life for the better. He no longer had to worry about bills or rent. He was now free to live the life he had always dreamed of. John never forgot the feeling of winning the lottery, and it reminded him that sometimes taking a chance can lead to great rewards.

As John settled into his newfound wealth, he realized that he wanted to do more with his money than just live a comfortable life. He began to research various charities and organizations that he could donate to, and he was determined to make a positive impact on the world.

John’s first donation was to a local homeless shelter. He knew what it was like to struggle to make ends meet, and he wanted to help those who were in a similar situation. He donated a large sum of money to the shelter and also volunteered his time, helping to serve meals and provide support to those in need.

As he continued to donate to various charities and organizations, John began to receive recognition for his philanthropic efforts. He was invited to speak at conferences and events, and he even received awards for his contributions to society.

John realized that winning the lottery had given him a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world. He was determined to use his wealth to help others and to create positive change in the world.

Over time, John’s reputation as a philanthropist grew, and he became known as one of the most generous donors in the country. He continued to donate to a wide range of causes, from education and healthcare to the arts and the environment.

As he looked back on his life, John realized that winning the lottery had been a turning point for him. It had given him the financial freedom to pursue his passions and make a difference in the world. And he knew that he would continue to use his wealth to create positive change for years to come.

Despite his newfound wealth and fame, John remained humble and grounded. He never forgot his humble beginnings, and he was grateful for the opportunity to help others.

One of John’s biggest passions was education. He had always believed that education was the key to success, and he was determined to give back to the community by supporting education initiatives.

John started by donating to local schools, providing funding for new books, technology, and classroom materials. He also established a scholarship fund for underprivileged students, helping them to attend college and pursue their dreams.

Over time, John’s commitment to education grew, and he began to fund larger initiatives. He worked with organizations to build new schools and provide training for teachers. He also provided funding for research into new teaching methods and learning technologies.

As his philanthropic efforts continued to grow, John’s impact on the world became more and more significant. He was invited to meet with world leaders and influential figures, and he used these opportunities to advocate for causes he believed in.

Despite all of his successes, John remained committed to making a difference in the world. He knew that his wealth had given him a unique opportunity to create positive change, and he was determined to use it to its fullest potential.

In the end, John’s legacy was not one of wealth or fame, but of generosity and compassion. He had used his good fortune to help others, and his impact would be felt for generations to come.

As John continued his philanthropic efforts, he realized that his impact would be even greater if he could inspire others to give back as well. He decided to start a foundation dedicated to promoting charitable giving and encouraging others to make a difference in their communities.

The foundation provided funding for a wide range of initiatives, from education and healthcare to environmental conservation and social justice. It also offered resources and support to individuals and organizations looking to start their own charitable projects.

Through his foundation, John was able to inspire countless people to give back and make a difference in their communities. He received messages from people all over the world, thanking him for his support and sharing stories of their own charitable efforts.

For John, this was the greatest reward of all. He knew that his wealth and success had given him a unique opportunity to create positive change, but seeing others follow in his footsteps was the most fulfilling part of his journey.

As he looked back on his life, John felt grateful for the opportunities he had been given and for the chance to make a difference in the world. He knew that his legacy would be one of generosity and compassion, and he was proud to have made a positive impact on the lives of so many people.

In the end, John realized that winning the lottery had been more than just a stroke of luck. It had been a catalyst for change, an opportunity to make a difference in the world and leave a lasting legacy of kindness and generosity. And for that, he would be forever grateful.

Lotto Max Winner Dies in Ethiopia: Tragic Lottery Winner Stories

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Lotto Max Winner Dies FAQ

Has anyone been killed for winning the lottery?

Greed and jealousy are a trait not unknown to human beings. While it is not always easy to connect murders in the aftermath of a lottery win to the lucky event itself, those cases do naturally exist. Jeffrey Dampier who won $20 million in the Illinois state jackpot and was having an affair with his sister-in-law can be counted among them. Together with her boyfriend, the sister-in-law kidnapped and murdered Dampier. The main motivation was to get a hold of the remainder of the money assets.

Has anyone won the lottery and died the next day?

No. What did occur though was that a Michigan man died just within two weeks after he had won the Michigan lottery. Since he did not have the needed Social security card, he could not immediately collect his winnings. Meaning that he never truly got to cash in his $45,000.

Is it true that a $40 million Lotto Max winner died?

No. The Calgary man Tom Crist who won $40 million in May 2013 donated his winnings in memory of his deceased wife. She had died of cancer a bit more than a year before this happened. Charities such as the Canadian Cancer Society and Calgary's Tom Baker Cancer Centre are/were the beneficiaries.

What happens if a lottery winner dies?

Usually, the procedure in cases with annuities is that the lottery company will pay the prize balance to the winner's heirs upon the arrival of a court order. The same goes for the lump sum but the allocation of remaining funds depends on an established will.

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