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Casino Roulette Review 2022

Have a wonderful experience playing Casino Roulette online! Casino Roulette is a game of chance that provides fast-paced action, quick payouts, and a thrilling gambling experience! We recommend you play roulette online and enjoy the best casino game you can find!

Casino Roulette online is totally available in a free-to-play option to allocate gamers with every chance of testing the game.

Wazdan is lauded from our point of view to give you this irreplaceable trial version! Dive yourself into their amazing world of Casino Roulette and play with real money and the opportunity to win great cash prizes!

Gamers can play Casino Roulette without having to doubt anyone getting to know. Anonymous gameplay is completely established!


Casino Roulette

An insight into roulette wheel strategies

Don’t waste time with research! We provide you with the ideal strategy for Casino Roulette online which will make sure to give you an optimum of first-hand strategies!

There are simple ways on how to play table games using a few self-explanatory rules and approaches to maintain good bankroll management. Before everything else, you should always make sure to be aware of the house edge when deciding to play Video Poker, Baccarat, Stud Poker and so on. Some of these games are having a tendency to be more profitable for the house while others show signs of favouring the player’s budget.

The second piece of advice is to go for the live casino ambience as these are using actual card decks, dices and such. This will give you more of a personal experience not only in terms of the gaming adventure but also from the interpersonal relations that you are getting involved with.

The third piece of advice is to get strategy charts that provide you with tips and patterns on how to decide at specific points of the game. As there is mostly one decision required at once this can be more than just help with finding the most suitable approach.


What to play – European Roulette or other roulette games?

Players have a few options when it comes to playing casino roulette online. The most popular roulette games are European roulette, American  Roulette and French roulette.

In general, whichever version you play, outside bets have higher odds of winning than inside bets. Of course, you can do both inside and outside bets depending on what kind of action you want. Players have all kinds of options of wagering in the roulette game.

Betting whether the number will be odd or even, a single number bet, inside bets, outside bets, whether it will be red or black, street bet, column bet, straight up bet and many others. The highest paying bet is the straight-up bet which pays 35 to 1.

European Roulette

The European roulette wheel has just one zero slot, which is very helpful for players.  That reduces the house edge and improves the odds of winning.

Roulette is a game of chance and is based on luck, so it is challenging to create solid winning strategies. However, players are always searching for methods to apply on the roulette table and find an edge.

Some are betting on several numbers, a single number, odd or even, sequences of six numbers, and so on to boost their chances of winning. That way you cover more fields on the roulette table, which is good but also requires making larger bets.

American and French Roulette

The French wheel contains 1-36 slots plus one zero slot.  The order of numbers on the wheel is not related to their arithmetic value and is created to insert some balance into the game structure.

The American roulette contains numbers 1-36, plus a single zero and a double zero slot. In addition, the zero numbers are differently arranged. Also, the American roulette wheel has less balance, because the odd and even numbers, as well as high and low numbers, are sitting on adjacent slots.


Mobile devices supported

This is a mobile-friendly Casino Roulette online as you can play it on PC, iPad, iPhone and Android.  Concerning the design, we are completely open with our opinion that casino roulette has been crafted utilizing the best measures and techniques of game creation.

The graphics are High Definition and the sounds are clear and flawless. This workload has also been transferred onto every type of mobile device as on smartphones and tablets alike you will be confronted with a superb quality presentation.


Safe to play

Safe gambling is an evident aspect of Casino Roulette! Casino Roulette online is licensed and regulated by trustworthy authorities of Curacao. Wazdan is under the observation of these legal institutions and therefore has the duty to work according to all sorts of regulations and law regimens.

Along with the Random Number Generator (RNG), this means that the provider can be considered as a fair and sound venture. A safe and sound gaming environment will be brought to you when playing Casino Roulette for sure!

The jurisdictions of the UK and Curacao are responsible for the local establishment of the Casino Roulette.


Casino Roulette’s RTP

Playing European roulette is advisable because the player has a slightly higher chance to win than in American roulette. That is because the American wheels have an added double-zero pocket. That means the American double-zero roulette has an RTP of 94.74%

The European roulette table cuts the house edge because of the single zero pocket, so the theoretical RTP is 97.30% which is much better. In the long run, the edge is on the house, but you have a bigger chance of winning short-term if you play this variant.

As this category of games is more relying on luck, the player’s abilities are not as important. Due to that, the payout of Casino Roulette is predominantly related to how good players manage to play the game. Don’t worry! The better you get with playing Casino Roulette, the more impactful the Return to Player of your gaming rounds will be!


Casino Roulette Real Money Play

Casino Guru is providing you with great bonuses that guarantee that players are getting the most out of their gambling experiences!

Casino Roulette belongs to the table game category. Table games cover popular casino games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. They are famous, traditional games that are played either with cards or with special gambling devices.


Developed by Wazdan

With Wazdan behind the creation of Casino Roulette, you sure will have a good time ahead! We are not promising too much when we let you know that this game creator is always a guarantee for fun gambling hours.

Don’t forget to check out their other game possibilities which we have established here at GuruCasinoBonus at your convenience!

This game review was written by GuruCasinoBonus. We bring all the best casino and game reviews to you, so you can easily choose what to play in which location! Read more reviews and take advantage of our exclusive bonuses while you are at it!


The Verdict – Test your luck and enjoy playing Casino Roulette

Place your bets and let the luck ride for you! Casino roulette is a very exciting game to play in online casinos. If you want the purest game of luck, this is the perfect option for you.

Choose the chips from different denominations lined up around the wheel and bet your lucky numbers or colour red or black.

All reputable online casinos offer some variants of casino roulette, so start playing, have fun, and hopefully, you will get some nice payout.

Casino Roulette FAQ

Where to play Casino Roulette?

We recommend playing Casino Roulette with the following casinos; Betsafe, JackpotCity, and CasiPlay

Where to find Casino Roulette no deposit free spins?

There is no free spins for Casino Roulette.

Casino Roulette is having which RTP now?

Casino Roulette boasts an RTP of exactly 97.30%.

And Casino Roulette was made by who?

Wazdan is the studio who created Casino Roulette.

Is it possible to play Casino Roulette for free?

If you want to enjoy Casino Roulette free you can do so by just staying with us on GuruCasinoBonus.

Can Casino Roulette be played anonymously?

In Casino Roulette you are able to be anonymous.

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