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Advanced Craps Guide – Boost Your Winning Chances

In online craps games, the best strategies help players properly manage their bankroll, make smarter bets, and reduce the house edge. Keep reading our advanced craps strategy guide to learn how you can improve your game.

Craps Dice


How to Play Craps and Make Craps Bets

Before making advanced bets and implementing any craps strategies, players must follow some specific craps guide that will help them quickly follow craps strategies. The following are some essential tips that every player should remember.

  • Set up a bankroll

The important thing is always to be realistic. It would be best to never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. Gambling should be a fun and entertaining activity. It should not be seen as a way to make income. Before you start playing craps online or any other gambling game, have a bankroll set aside that you will use only for that purpose.

  • Research variants of casino craps games

All online casinos offer classic craps games but also a few other variants. Make sure you explore games and try to make the best odds bets. Odds bets are essential as they are fair, and the house does not have an advantage. Also, check out the rules of the specific craps game so you will know how they can affect your craps strategies.

  • Check the bet limits for the specific craps table.

The bet limits are critical because they can affect a player’s strategy. When you know the minimum and maximum limits, you can better adjust your craps betting strategies.

  • Place your bets a few times.

To check whether your strategy works well at craps tables, bet at least several times and see how it performs. Short-term results are irrelevant, so observe how your strategy works after placing at least several bets in a row. Again, be mindful of your bankroll, however.

  • Set yourself a playing time limit

Players can quickly get overexcited and overwhelmed with the speed and beauty of this casino game. That especially applies when they are a due high win. Set yourself a time limit and play responsibly to prevent yourself from losing too much when on a bad session.

  • Analyze your online craps results

After you finish your craps session, you should look at the results and analyze how your craps strategy performed. By analyzing things after each session, you can also assess your betting habits and re-adjust if necessary.

Craps Table Layout


Essential Craps Strategy Tips

Although this craps strategy guide is not about craps for beginners, and primarily for advanced players, there are a few essential things that each craps player should remember. Once you know the terminology and the game flow, it is time to look at the craps strategy options that you should focus on. The following craps guide will recommend the statistically-best bets to make in the game of craps.

  • Make a Pass Line Bet

Playing and making a pass line bet means you play together with other players and can celebrate together with them. That is the opposite of the Don’t Pass Line bet, where you bet against other players. Whether you play in a land-based casino or an online casino, the pass line bet offers better payouts than the don’t pass line bet.

Pass Line Bet


  • Make a Pass Odds Bet

The Pass Odds bet is a side bet that craps players make after the first roll. The Pass Odds bet increases the amount you bet and the potential winnings. It is advisable always to play the odds bet on a pass line bet. Odds bets come without a house edge, so they precisely pay out the wager’s odds.

  • Play a couple of Come Bets

Players can make a come bet when the pass line bet becomes a point bet. That acts like a new pass line bet when the shooter rolls next time, so more dice numbers may result in a winning dice roll for you. Players are advised to place up to two of these bets at any roll of the dice.

  • Avoid making long bets or proposition bets.

Statistically, all proposition bets/long shots/field bets are terrible options for betting in the craps game. An example of a proposition bet would be betting on a Hard 8, which has very slim chances of being rolled. Of course, it comes with high odds, which is tempting to some, but the chances of hitting it are meagre.

Advanced Craps Strategy Guide

Experienced craps players always seek the best craps strategies to use when they play craps online. Craps players with more significant experience and larger bankrolls are not afraid to take risks and make more aggressive bets. If you are or want to be a craps pro, then apply the correct craps strategy at the craps table.

The basic craps strategy always works well, so you will find some advice that already applies to it. Finally, those who seek answers on how to win at craps every time may be disappointed as there is no such thing as winning every time. Remember to play craps the best you can and always try to make the best possible decisions when sitting on the craps table.

For any serious craps player, learning the following advanced strategies is a must.

Top Advanced Craps Strategy To Follow

The Wild Bettor Strategy

The Wild Bettor is one of the advanced betting strategies favoured by many players, both in online and land-based casinos. With this strategy, you are not likely to lose your bankroll quickly. At the same time, players have a shot at winning big.

Understandably, these bets’ house edge is high, and the strategy will last for only one dice roll. However, proposition bets come with high payouts, so you can make great money if you go on a winning roll.

Yo Bet and Hi-Lo

One of the most popular proposition bets is the Yo Bet (11), coming with a 15-to-1 payout. Craps players can also make this bet on 3, but this bet is not so popular because 3 is one of the craps numbers (2,3 and 12).

Another bet that is part of the Wild Bettor Strategy is Hi-Lo. With this bet, players bet on a 2 or a 12 being rolled, which also comes with a high payout of a 15-to-1.

Both the Yo and Hi-Lo betting options have a high house edge of 11.11%, so players take a more significant risk, which makes these bets exciting and fun. Many players go for these bets as the potential payoff is excellent, so this strategy is for you to use if you are such a player.

3 Point Molly

3 Point Molly is an aggressive craps betting strategy that requires players have a larger bankroll. The main thing behind this craps strategy is placing multiple bets with decent odds, which bets have lower house edges and good chances of landing.

The good thing behind this betting approach is that players can potentially recover some losses from these multiple bets with several smaller wins throughout the craps game. Players should remember that this aggressive betting strategy can lead to heavy losses in quick succession, so only advanced players who fully understand the system should use it.

The following is how you apply the 3 Point Molly craps strategy in the game of craps:

  1. Pass Bet

With this strategy, players should make pass bets, which means betting that the shooter rolls either a 7 or 11. In 3 Point Molly, players always make a pass bet. The second step of the 3 Point Molly craps strategy happens after a point bet is set.

  1. Make a Come Bet and maximum odds on the Point.

After the Point is set on the craps table, players must bet max odds on that Point and add a Come Bet. So, a wager on the point 6 with x5 max odds on a $5 wager would be $25. Then players make additional bets and add the Come Bet on the craps table.

  1. Move the Come Bet to the second point bet.

If the craps shooter lands a number different from 7, 11, or the set Point, this number becomes your second “Point” bet. Accordingly, move your Come Bet on that new “Point,” add max odds, and make another Come Bet wager. At this stage of the 3 Point Molly advanced craps strategy, you should have stakes on the Pass Bet, Come Bet, the Point, and one other number on the craps table.

  1. Add another bet on a third number.

With this strategy, players need to have three different bets on three numbers on the craps table. So, if the player rolls a number that is not 7, 11, or the two numbers you already bet on, this will be your third “Point” number. Again, place a maximum odds bet on this third and final number.

  1. Keep playing until the shooter rolls 7, 11, or the Point number.

If the shooter rolls a number that lands on your other bets, take your winnings and make a Come Bet on the next roll of the dice. If another number lands, move your Come Bet to this new number because this ensures you always have three number bets when playing craps.

Why Use 3 Point Molly Advanced Craps Strategy?

The leading reason pro craps players consider this to be a solid craps strategy is that it protects their Pass Line bet. Again, always keep in mind that with aggressive betting strategies like this one, you must have a considerable bankroll, to begin with.

Finally, this craps betting strategy tends to be more successful when there is a consistent craps shooter. Observe the craps table to see if the shooter lands specific numbers more frequently before you start using this craps betting strategy.

Iron Cross/Field Bet Craps Strategy

The Iron Cross strategy is an ideal strategy for craps players that want to experience more frequent wins. However, there is a catch. The number 7 is your worst enemy because, with The Iron Cross strategy, you are winning with any other number than 7.

The Iron Cross is also known as the Field Bet strategy, so that name should not confuse you. Casino players can use the Iron Cross strategy after the ComeOut roll from the moment the Point is established. Essentially, online casino players bet on all numbers on the craps table layout except for the number 7.

An excellent example of the Iron Cross strategy is placing a bet on Place 5, a bet on the Field, a bet on Place 6, and a bet on Place 8 (different value wagers). This bet will surely bring you a win on any dice roll apart from the 7.

The Iron Cross strategy does not have the lowest house edge, but it is a great way to play craps if you are searching for more frequent wins. However, you should also remember that 7 is the most frequently rolled number in online craps games.

Finally, players should ideally use the Iron Cross strategy for making one-off bets from time to time and not as a long-term craps strategy at the game of craps.

Field Bet in Craps


Which Craps Betting Strategy is the Best to Use on the Craps Table?

The best craps strategies that will lead to more winning bets minimize the house edge and give craps players higher chances of landing.

Again, players can win substantial amounts if they stick to the essentials. Bet the minimum limit on the Pass Line Bet/Don’t Pass Line Bet, then lay the odds.

The house edge on pass and don’t pass bets is pretty low (1.41% and 1.36%, respectively), and laying the odds does not come with any house edge.

That is the most straightforward answer to players’ question – how to win at craps every time.

Is Dice Control an Important Part of Craps Strategies?

Many players spend a lot of time studying how to roll the dice in craps casino games. They believe that, with practice, they can control which numbers will land. That is for craps gambling games in offline casinos because it’s impossible in online games, where the random number generator determines the outcome.

In any case, gamblers should never rely on this time-consuming, costly, and ineffective craps strategy. Every outcome in the game of craps is random, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Many things are out of the shooter’s control in land-based casinos, and the dice rolling craps betting strategies are useless in online casinos.

Instead, players should focus on craps betting strategies described in this craps strategy guide. Follow these strategies that work and also follow proper bankroll management when playing craps games.

Craps Guide FAQs

What is the best strategy for craps?

Making pass bets pay off the most, but also following a strategy that helps in minimizing the house edge is also the way to go.

How do beginners deal with craps?

Craps is one of the casino games that many beginners find to be complicated game. There are many rules to follow, and they are mostly sticking to certain bets that are pretty basic. Applying the basic craps strategy is how most people start with this casino game.

Is the Iron Cross a good craps strategy?

Yes, it's a good craps strategy, but only for well-experienced and advanced players that want to land smaller but more frequent wins. The Iron Cross strategy has a lower house edge than other bets and ensures players win frequently. However, all bets lose at 7, and players must have a sizeable bankroll to apply this strategy.

Is 3 Point Molly a good craps strategy?

3 Point Molly is a good strategy for those players who are more into aggressive betting. With this strategy, players can recoup their losses with several small wins. The strategy requires making multiple wagers on bets that have lower house edge while increasing the payout odds with wagers placed across half the place positions.

How to win at craps every time?

It is not possible to win every time, but your chances of winning are the highest when making a Don't Pass bet. That is because this bet has a low house edge of 1.36%. With this bet, you bet against the shooter, and you win if the dice land on 2 or 3 first. If it lands a 12, the bet is a push, and players receive their wager back. If it lands 7 or 11 - you lose the bet.

Why is it so difficult to win at the game of craps?

Craps is one of the casino games with the lowest house edges of all table games, yet it's challenging to win consistently. That is because there are hundreds of bets to make and a lot of betting combinations.

What is the best bet to make in craps?

The best craps bets are the pass bet and don't pass bets. That is because they have a low house edge and highest chances of landing.

What number hits the most in craps?

Statistically, the number 7 lands the most in the game of craps.

Is there a trick to rolling dice in craps?

No, there is no trick that you can do with dice so you would win more. That is also a useless thing in an online casino, where the random number generator determines the outcome.

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